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Remember Two Things is an album by Dave Matthews Band, released independently on the band’s Bama Rags label in 1993. This was the only release where the band was referred to as “The Dave Matthews Band.” It was reissued by RCA Records on June 24, 1997 and was certified platinum by the RIAA in 2002.[1] The album cover art is an autostereogram which, when focused on correctly, shows a person’s hand displaying a peace sign. It was created by two former UVA students in Charlottesville: Rick Kwiatkowski and Jeff Smith.[2] The two things referred to in the title are said to be “love your mother” and “leave only footprints. 

Jane is Dave Matthews’ little sister, and “The Song That Jane Likes” is thus named after her. In concerts, Dave will often preface the song by saying “I’ve got a little sister named Jane, this is the song that Jane likes.”

The first six songs are full-band live recordings. “Minarets” and “Seek Up” are full-band studio recordings, and “I’ll Back You Up” and “Christmas Song” are Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live acoustic recordings. Dave has been cited as saying that “I’ll Back You Up” was recorded in a closet near a bathroom, and the version on the album is the one “with no flushing sounds in it.”

“Ants Marching” and “Satellite” later appeared on the 1994 album Under the Table and Dreaming, while “Tripping Billies” appeared on its 1996 follow-up, Crash.

Greg Howard — Chapman Stick, synthesizer and percussion samples on “Minarets”

Tim Reynolds — guitars on “Minarets”, “Seek Up”, “I’ll Back You Up”, and “Christmas Song”

CD 1:

  1. Ants Marching  (live) — 6:08 The Muse in Nantucket, MA on August 17, 1993
  2. Tripping Billies  (live) — 4:49 The Muse in Nantucket, MA on August 17, 1993
  3. Recently  (live) — 8:42 The Flood Zone in Richmond, VA on August 10, 1993
  4. Satellite  (live) — 5:01
  5. One Sweet World  (live) — 5:18
  6. The Song That Jane Likes  (live) — 3:33
  7. Minarets  — 4:22
  8. Seek Up  — 7:20
  9. I’ll Back You Up  (live acoustic) — 4:26
  10. Christmas Song  (live acoustic) — 5:34

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