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Notizen Song-Notizen.
Veröffentlicht 27.09.1994
Live-Premiere 01.09.1991 Eastern Standard Restaurant     Charlottesville, VA
Studioalbum Under The Table And Dreaming
Offizielle Live-Versionen

  1. Live in Atlantic City 2011-06-26/24 (5:40)
  2. Live at Piedmont Park 2007-09-08 with Warren Haynes (8:16)
  3. The Best Of What’s Around Vol. 1 1994-2007 (3:42)
  4. Live Trax 09 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV 2007-03-23 (5:46)
  5. Live Trax 06 Fenway Park, Boston, MA 2006-07-07 (5:38)
  6. Complete Weekend On The Rocks 2005-09-09 (5:45)
  7. Live Trax 02 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 2004-09-12 (5:44)
  8. The Central Park Concert 2003-09-24 (5:27)
  9. Live Trax 26 Sleeptrain Theatre, Marysville CA 2003-07-30 (5:00)
  10. The Gorge (Special Edition) 2002-09-07 (5:28)
  11. Live at Folsom Field, Boulder, CO 2001-07-11 (4:53)
  12. Live Trax 11 Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY 2000-08-29 (5:25)
  13. Live In Chicago 12.19.1998 with Maceo Parker (5:35)
  14. Live Trax 12 L.B. Day Amphitheater, Salem, OR 1995-05-05 (4:23)
  15. DMBLive The Revolver Club, Madrid, Spain 1995-03-25 (14:42)
  16. DMBLive Backstage Theatre, Seattle, WA 1994-11-26 (5:06)
  17. DMBLive Blue Note, Columbia, MO 1994-10-22 (5:02)
  18. DMBLive Irving Plaza, New York, NY 1994-03-26 (6:54)
  19. DMBLive Masquerade Nightclub, Tampa, FL 1994-03-02 (6:13)
  20. DMBLive The Bayou, Washington, DC, 1992-12-21 (5:37)
    Dave and Tim
  21. Live Trax 23 Whittemore Center Arena, Durham NH 1996-02-19 (4:14)
  22. Live at Luther College 1996-02-06 (5:06)
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Dt. Übersetzung

Up and down the puppies‘ hair
Fleas and ticks jump everywhere
‚Cause of original sinDown the hill fell Jack and Jill
And you came tumbling after
‚Cause of original sinRip away the tears
Drink a hope for happy years
And you may find
A lifetime’s passed you byWhat would you say
If you a monkey on a string
If you a doggie on a chain
What would you sayI was there when the bear
Ate his head, thought it was a candy
Everyone goes in the endKnock knock on the door
Who’s it for, nobody in here
Look in the mirror my friendI don’t understand at best
I cannot speak for all the rest
But you may find a lifetime’s passed you byEvery dog has its day every day has its way
Of being forgotten- „Mom it’s my birthday“What would you say
(Dont‘ drop the big one)
If you a monkey on a string
(Don’t cut my life line)
If you a doggie on a chain
(Don’t bite the mailman)
What would you say
dt. Übersetzung.


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