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Notizen Song-Notizen.
Veröffentlicht 30.04.1996
Live-Premiere 04.10.1995 Tinker Street Cafe     Woodstock, NY
Studioalbum Crash
Offizielle Live-Versionen

  1. Live in Atlantic City 2011-06-26/24 (5:19)
  2. Across the Pond (DMB Europe 2009 Box-Set DVD) 2009-06-26 (fake) (0:15)
  3. Live Trax 19 Vivo Rio, Rio de Janeiro, BRA 2008-09-30 (fake) (0:07)
  4. Live Trax 15 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI 2008-08-09 (fake) (0:08)
  5. Live at Mile High Music Festival 2008-07-20 (5:10)
  6. Live Trax 14 Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA 2008-06-28 (6:00)
  7. Live at Piedmont Park 2007-09-08 (6:24)
  8. Live Trax 10 Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon, POR 2007-03-25 (6:00)
  9. Live Trax 09 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV 2007-03-23 (5:38)
  10. Live Trax 06 Fenway Park, Boston, MA 2006-07-07 (5:43)
  11. Complete Weekend On The Rocks 2005-09-12 (6:00)
  12. Complete Weekend On The Rocks 2005-09-09 (5:43) auch DVD
  13. Live Trax 02 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 2004-09-12 (6:25)
  14. Live Trax 08 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI 2004-08-07 (5:40)
  15. Warehouse 8 Vol. 5 Aufnahme Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH 2004-08-05 (5:48)
  16. The Central Park Concert 2003-09-24 (4:47)
  17. The Gorge (Special Edition) (CD 5) 2002-09-08 (5:13)
  18. The Gorge (Special Edition) (CD 1) 2002-09-06 (4:35)
  19. Live Trax 11 Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY 2000-08-29 (fake =:08)
  20. Live Trax 16 Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH 2000-06-26 (5:19)
  21. Listener Supported 1999-09-11 (4:52)
  22. Live In Chicago 12.19.1998 (5:13)
  23. Live Trax 01 Centrum Centre, Worcester, MA 1998-12-08 (4:37)
  24. Live Trax 17 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA 1997-07-06 (4:40)
  25. Live Trax 07 Coliseum, Hampton, VA 1996-12-31 set break and countdown to New Year’s Day at end of track (5:00)
  26. DMBLive Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX 1996-10-24 (4:25)
  27. DMBLive Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham Alabama 1996-09-09 (5:16)
  28. Live Trax 18 Amphitheatre, Virginia Beach, VA 1996-06-04 (5:10)
  29. Live Trax 04 Classic Amphitheatre, Richmond, VA 1996-04-30 (4:51)
    Dave solo
  30. DMBLive Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA 2002-10-24 (6:08)
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Dt. Übersetzung

Straight in, suck up and go,
cool it, swallow, swallow
Breathe deep, take it all
it comes cheap
Push it through the doors
because in between the lines
I’m gonna pack more lines
so I can get in
Ooh traffic jam got more cars
than a beach got sand
Suck it up, suck it up, suck it up,
fill it up until no more
I’m no crazy creep, I’ve got it coming
to me because I’m not satisfied
The hunger keeps on growing
I eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too muchI’ve got to get it somewhere
I mean, you never know, maybe you’re dreaming
Who do you think you’re watching
Who do you think you need
Play for me, play more,
ten times in the same day
I need more, I’m going
over my borders
I’m going to take more, more
from you, letter by letterI eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too muchI told, god, I’m coming
to your country
I’m going to eat up your cities,
your homes, you know
I’ve got a stomach full it’s not
a chip on my shoulder
I’ve got this growl in my tummy
and I’m gonna stop it todayI eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too muchSuck it up.
dt. Übersetzung.


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