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Notizen Song-Notizen.
Veröffentlicht 27.09.1994
Live-Premiere 01.09.1991 Eastern Standard Restaurant     Charlottesville, VA
Studioalbum Under The Table And Dreaming
Offizielle Live-Versionen

  1. Warehouse 10 Vol.1 (2007-09-17 Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre, Charlotte, NC) (9:57)
  2. Complete Weekend On The Rocks 2005-09-12 (13:10)
  3. A Limited Edition Companion to Stand Up 2004-09-04 (14:09)
  4. Live Trax 08 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI 2004-08-07 (13:12)
  5. Live Trax 16 Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH 2000-06-26 (13:36)
  6. Warehouse 5 Vol. 3 The Gorge, George, WA 1999-07-16 (13:00 )
  7. Live Trax 07 Coliseum, Hampton, VA 1996-12-31 with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and Paul McCandless (14:01)
  8. DMBLive Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX 1996-10-24 (11:02)
  9. Live Trax 04 Classic Amphitheatre, Richmond, VA 1996-04-30 (5:13)
  10. Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95 (7:01)
  11. Live Trax 12 L.B. Day Amphitheater, Salem, OR 1995-05-05 (9:37)
  12. DMBLive Lafayette College, Easton, PA 1995-02-25 (7:19)
  13. DMBLive Irving Plaza, New York, NY 1994-03-26 (11:25)
  14. DMBLive Masquerade Nightclub, Tampa, FL 1994-03-02 (10:52)
  15. Live Trax 20 Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY 1993-08-19 (10:31)
  16. DMBLive The Bayou, Washington, DC 1993-04-10 (8:47)
    Dave and Tim
  17. Live in Las Vegas 2009-12-12 (7:55)
  18. Live Trax 24 Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, SC 1997-08-02 (5:46)
  19. Live Trax 23 Whittemore Center Arena, Durham NH 1996-02-19 (6:18)
  20. Live at Luther College 1996-02-06 (7:02)
  21. DMBLive Memphis, Richmond, VA 1993-06-13 (Dave & Tim) (8:15)
  22. DMBLive Prism Coffeehouse, Charlottesville, VA 1993-04-22 (5:49)Dave solo
  23. Live Trax 05 Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI 1995-08-23 solo by Dave Matthews (4:59)
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Dt. Übersetzung

Ten fingers we have each
Nine planets around the sun repeat
Eight ball is the last if you triumphant be
Seven oceans pummel the shores of the seaIt’s a typical situation
In these typical times
Too many choicesEverybody’s happy
Everybody’s free
We’ll keep the big door open
And everyone’ll come around
Why are you different
Why are you that way
If you don’t step in line
We’ll lock you awaySix senses keeping
Five around a sense of self
Four seasons turn on and turn off
I can see three corners from this corner
Two is a perfect number
But oneEverybody’s happy
Everybody’s free
We’ll keep the big door open
And everyone’ll come around
Why are you different
Why are you that way
If you don’t step in line
We’ll lock you awayIt’s a typical situation
In these typical times
We can’t do a thing about itThe following is Robert Dederick’s “A Prayer in the Pentagon”:Nine
planets, Sir, endlessly circle, Sir,
one yellow star among Sir’s galaxies:
Pluto Neptune Venus Jupiter
Saturn Uranus Mercury Mars and this-
this watered and this aired this favored one
where all that crawl and swim and fly and run
that drove and swarm and herd and flock are in
with tooth and leg and lung and claw and fin
created clothed and colored are by SirEight
colors (counting white) Sir’s rainbow makes
when whiteness on Sir’s broken waters breaks
arched over tidal blue and branching gray
and grazing green and foaling brown down and away
with gorsing yellow glow and honeyed hay
and petalled blush and mottled winging whir;
the limpid eyes each of Sir’s colors wakes
dark-irised are and cleared and curved by SirSeven
tossing seas Sir’s pent-up lands divide
where silver shoals in aching green-ness glide
turn suddenly and dart and flatly lie
break surface plunge and from each other hide
and stare as though by staring they aver
what sweet surprise had widened each wide eye
that once looked early on creating SirSix
senses there were then in us who were
salt-tasting all along the salt-scented shore
who felt crust cool and looked on shrinking sea
and heard gull-cry on draining estuary
and found back of these five a something more
a sense of self and back of self–SirFive
fingers though (counting a thumb) were what
we mostly were aware of as we fought
Sir’s elements and cleared Sir’s forests and sought
creation-wise new metalled ways to go
by spinning wheel and wing off runway. So?Four
quarters of our world began to grow
too few and of Sir’s yellow star we thought
equations scribbled bubbled in retort
distilled its hot explosive secrets. So?Three
questions pose themselves now as we wait: did Sir not know how to end what Sir began? Or could we choose? Or did Sir always plan?Two
hands of ours to bring us soon or late
bent to destroy what the hands of Sir had wroughtOne
day when we and all our world are brought
to Nought?
dt. Übersetzung.


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