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Notizen Song-Notizen.
Veröffentlicht 10.05.2005
Live-Premiere 17.06.2004  UMB Bank Pavilion     Maryland Heights, MO
Offizielle Live-Versionen

  1. Warehouse 7 Vol.1 (2010-03-06 O2 Arena, London, England) (8:21)
  2. Warehouse10 Vol.1 (2010-03-06 O2 Arena, London, England) (8:21)
  3. Live Trax 02 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 2004-09-12 with Carlos Santana (13:17)
  4. A Limited Edition Companion to Stand Up (Live, 2004-03-09) (14:51)
  5. Live Trax 08 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI 2004-08-07 (14:08)
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Dt. Übersetzung

Was it you did?
Stolen love with everything
You failed
I come out
And they said, “Well, if you knew”Sugar will kill you and
Though it ain’t poison
But too much of a good thing
Maybe not so.So, I did everything
Steal the light
That was shining on you
When I left, I took your fame
And everything just to spite
And always, baby
Thinking how much it hurts
To hurt you
Still I will if I must do it
Hard as I can
‘Cause I know you wouldSee, sugar will poison love
Sugar will kill you
But too much of a good thing
Maybe not so.I did it all
And I ran on
My back, turned it and looked
To see if you’d caught my tailwind
As I flipped around the corner
And no one, baby you
Just thinking
A drop dead, sordid morning
I give to you death
Between it and poison oops
And you knewSugar will poison us
Sugar will kill you
But too much of a good thing
Maybe not so sweet
dt. Übersetzung.


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