Jan 202010
Notizen Song-Notizen.
Veröffentlicht xx
Live-Premiere 2004-06-11 Sam McAllister’s Farm Manchester, TN
(Dave and Friends: Bonnaroo Music Festival)
Studioalbum xx
Offizielle Live-Versionen

  1. Live At Wrigley Field Double Play Box 2010-09-18/17 (1:59)
  2. Live At Wrigley Field 2010-09-18 (1:59)
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Dt. Übersetzung

we have a good good time tonight
we got here, what we’ve got here
words/world’s rollin tight
we have a good good time tonight

how bout you, how bout you
gonna stand in a circle a while
we tip up the bottle, we turn up the head
roll and smoke it down
it be fine, it be fine
forget about the world for now
is a good good time tonight

roll up your chair, roll up your chair
stick around a while
is a good good time tonight

thank you for coming, thank you for coming
(makin it a roll tide?)
good good time tonight


dt. Übersetzung.


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