Jan 262010
All Along The Watchtower

Notizen Coversong von Bob Dylans Album “John Wesley Harding” 1968 Veröffentlicht 15.08.1995 (Live at Red Rocks) Live-Premiere 01.09.1991 Eastern Standard Restaurant     Charlottesville, VA Studioalbum “John Wesley Harding” (Bob Dylan, Cover) Offizielle Live-Versionen

Jan 262010

Notizen Song-Notizen. Veröffentlicht 27.02.2001 Live-Premiere 19.03.2001 KNDD 107.7 FM “The End”     Seattle, WA Studioalbum Everyday Offizielle Live-Versionen

Jan 262010
Anyone Seen The Bridge?

Notizen “Anyone Seen the Bridge?” (abbreviated as “ASTB“) is an instrumental by the Dave Matthews Band, usually played as segue between two songs at concerts. It is an instrumental jam played by the entire band, with scat singing by Dave Matthews. Performances of the tune today typically are heard between “So Much to Say” and [weiter…]

Jan 252010

Notizen Song-Notizen. Veröffentlicht 23.09.2003 Live-Premiere 14.12.2002  Assembly Hall (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)     Champaign, IL Studioalbum Some Devil Offizielle Live-Versionen